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tv   News 3 Live at Noon  NBC  November 3, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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property-wide power outage. these are some of the images you have been sending us on social media. >> michelle: this is our top story at noon today. let's go straight out to news 3's antonio castelan who is there live at the scene. all right, unfortunately, we do not have antonio yet. but let's get you up to date with what we know. so this happened around 9:45 this morning. again, we've been watching and monitoring these pictures that people have been posting on social we still don't know the cause but we do know that las vegas fire and the paris hotel and casino actually tweeting out they said this was due to an on-site construction incident. so we do know that at this point and time. and to your point, michelle, the clark county fire department is supposed to be holding a press conference very shortly. it's supposed to be at noon. as soon as they get into that we'll definitely take it. >> michelle: what we really
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been people in the elevator at the time. you know if the power goes out the elevators don't work. so we could possibly have people trapped in different parts of the property. and that is something that we're looking at right now. so again we're waiting to find out if people have been evacuated. if so, how many. do they have people trapped? do they know exactly what caused this? and is there a concern for people's safety. that is something we're looking at. >> krystal: another thing we found out. the back-up generators aren't working. so this is why they h the safety of those guests and workers the utmost importance and concern. priority number one at this point and time. we've been following our antonio castelan who is live on the scene on twitter saying that he's talked to a lot of the workers, some of the guests there who have said, you know, this was a frightening situation for them just sitting there and then it's a complete blackout. as you mentioned earlier, you don't have windows on the casino floor. so gets dark very, very quickly.
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a shot on the hallway on the twentieth floor. it was lit up because of the flash of their camera. other than that, it's pitch black. there are people in their rooms. they have absolutely no lights. obviously from the windows. but in the hallways it's very dark and in the casino there are no windows. so this is a concerning situation. isn't it eerie to see this? >> krystal: you always think of the strip being so lit up 24 hours. always, you know, alive and action something also antonio castelan tweeting out that the casino could be shut down for quite a few hours. we're hearing as late as 8:00 p.m. not confirmed at this point and time. as we mentioned earlier, nv energy is on the scene and working closely with the paris hotel and casino to try to rectify the situation. >> michelle: so we're going to continue to follow this breaking news. again, it could be something much bigger than we first thought if it's going to be out for several hours.
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staying there on. antonio castelan is on the scene. as soon as we get to him we will. and hopefully we'll get more information from the press conference. >> krystal: we're on air but always you can follow us on social media, twitter, facebook and >> michelle: let's get to the other top story. you only have today and tomorrow if you want to vote early. time is ticking. >> krystal: it is. if you want to cast your vote early. we're going to shoot it over to kyndell nunley who joins us live at the galleria mall. kyndell, we've really set reco voting in clark county. i see it's kind of busy behind you too. >> kyndell: oh yes. 319,000 votes. over that and counting as you can see we're live at the galleria mall. this location in particular is one of the most popular. it actually is the most popular. you can see those lines have already started. most of the people coming down on their lunch hour. a good majority of the county's early votes were placed right here at this location once again over 37,000 people have turned
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that is the most any other early voting location has gotten this year. the trend is a testament of what's going on in other locations. about 40 percent of the county's 1,019,021 registered voters have already completed and turned in ballots so far this year. that compares to the last presidential election in 2012 when the early vote total was a little bit over 400,000. of the 800,000 total registered voters coming in at 51 percent. the percentage was higher but we've already come close to that number of votes. to get through the lines quickly officials do have tips. they suggest that you be ready to verify your identity through matching your signature with the one they have on record. and to speed up that process even more you can show them your id or sample ballot to be scanned. you also want to keep in mind if you do early vote you only have today and tomorrow. go to any of the polling locations. we have a list on our website,, as opposed to on election day you will only be
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location. now at least when it comes to the voters i did speak with a 19-year-old first-time voter and he feels early voting is the way to go. now it's going to get pretty busy at the earlier voting locations. i spoke to the poll officials here. they say usually after 5:30 p.m. until closing time number of people are going to be wrapped around these lines. they say it really does wrap around. tens of thousands of people in clark county alone have voted at this location inside the galleria mall. a full list of the times and locations on our website, that is the latest from the galleria mall. kyndell nunley. back to you two. >> krystal: i'm sure we'll see quite a few more lines as we get into the final stretch of early voting. a reminder for all the parents of clark county school district children.
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polling locations. if you attend a private school that might be different. but for clark county school district children you do not have school. but it is a regular day for support staff and administration. all right. we're going back to the breaking news that we had at the top of the newscast. so this is -- if i am not mistaken -- the press conference that we told you about earlier. let's listen in. >> nobody having medical issues. everything has been very good so far. >> do we know when the fire expect temporary power back up within the hour and expect full power today but we don't know exactly when. >> reporter: this is a rare occasion. >> pretty rare. it doesn't happen very often. usually the back-up generators kick in. since the power line was cut there was no place for power to go. we're rerouting and will try to get generators up within an hour. >> it was an accident right? >> a construction accident. workers were working and
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they were doing? >> i don't know exactly, no. >> i just got here. ask away. >> can you state your name. >> rich [ inaudible ] executive vice president entertainment. >> reporter: the power went out at what time? >> 9:45 a.m. >> reporter: and, um, what happened with the generators. >> the power went out because the line was cut and the because they require a line to run the power through. so we have to reroute so the power can be restored. >> reporter: okay and it's back up within the hour. >> within the hour. later today for the main power but we don't know exactly when. >> reporter: okay. >> michelle: we're actually watching a facebook live stream that antonio castelan is doing. thank goodness for social media huh? we were just listening to the executive vice president of caesar's entertainment talking about what happened here. we've learned it was indeed a
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accidentally cut a power line. he just said now that the generator didn't come on because it requires a line of power in order for it to work. >> krystal: that's why they couldn't get the back-up generators. >> michelle: so they're working on that and hoping in the meantime they're able to get those back-up generators. >> krystal: so it is helpful to get perspective of what's going on straight from the source. again, hearing from the executive vice president of caesar's. we'll continue to monitor that facebook live stream and tell you if anything co that you need to know. >> michelle: let's go to the other big story of the day. if you are feeling tired today we all understand why. >> krystal: you stayed up a little late. >> michelle: because there was kind of something big that happened last night as we take a live look at wrigley field home of the chicago cubs. >> krystal: look at the streets. >> michelle: it's just different in chicago now because the cubs finally won! >> krystal: the longest title
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>> michelle: let's put it this way. up until last night, the sinking of the titanic was more recent than the cubs winning. >> krystal: well if you think about it that way you are right. that puts it in perspective. >> michelle: i have to point out our local hero kris bryant threw that out that won the game. oh boy he did so well in the series. >> krystal: this is awesome. it's great to have that las vegas connection. bonanza highra cubbies. very, very exciting. and you know what? chicago is on fire right now? i can't wait till the parade. >> michelle: it was such a long game. it was such a nail biter and emotional roller-coaster. then there was a rain delay. you had everything. it was probably the best world series game seven. >> krystal: that's good reality tv. >> michelle: even i stayed up to watch it. so we're going to have more on that. let's keep moving here.
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they stormed the building on a college campus. this is making news because of this video. >> krystal: what had them so upset? we're going to break down what happened there. plus some companies have taken a stance against opening on thanksgiving day. so this is a little different from what we've seen in the past. but another retailer has announced it will be open. we'll tell you who that is. >> michelle: then classic funk and billboard hits. the front man of cameo is going to be in the studio to tell will keep you dancing from start to finish. that's coming up at 12:30. "news 3 live at noon" will be right back. >> krystal: we're following the breaking news at the paris hotel and casino. that major power outage forcing evacuations. we're continuing to follow the story. the back-up generator is not coming on on that's part of the problem. we'll continue to follow it and bring you more as soon as we get
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>> michelle: we're continuing to follow breaking news right now happening at the paris hotel and casino on the strip.
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taken inside the casino. what we've learned is that there was a construction crew on the site doing some construction and somebody accidentally cut a power line. and that cut power to the entire property. >> krystal: that's why those back-up generators aren't working because they have to have the power to run. so they just want to make sure that they're taking all the steps they need to to keep everybody safe. so they evacuated the property. the entire property, i should say. and they just want to make sure guests and workers first and foremost. >> michelle: antonio castelan is out there on the scene. in between his live reports during this newscast you can follow him on facebook. he is live streaming with the latest on what's going on. if you know anybody who is there and happens to be posting on social media let them know. we'd love to see their pictures. they can tag us. any of our platforms and we'll try to get their video out from the field. they're little reporters out there. on to our broadcast.
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debate and the exclusion of the student body led to protests in new orleans. this is new orleans university here. protests really getting intense as you can see right here. demonstrators trying to force themselves through the door. at one point law enforcement used pepper spray on part of the crowd. at least two people briefly detained. the debate included six candidates including republican david duke, a white nationalist, ku klux klan. a major blow to britain's government. the high court has ruled the prime minister cannot trigger the uk's exit from the european union without approval from parliament. the government likely to appeal today's ruling to the supreme court. some argue that losing the eu will remove rights including free movement within the european union. some companies have taken a stand as we transition to the holiday.
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up on thanksgiving. another retailer has announced it will be open. that is kohl's announcing today it will once again start its black friday door buster deals at 6:00 p.m. for the first time the retailer will also launch its black friday door buster deals online. those deals also going live at 6:00 p.m., thanksgiving day. and sticking with being open on thanksgiving day, kohl's will join macy's which will welcome jcpenney's. some say we're going stay open on thanksgiving day but it has been interesting to see the growing list of those who have said we're closing up shop. >> michelle: i've done the black friday thing i think one time. do you do black friday? >> kelly: i use to work retail so no. [ laughter ] i used to work on black friday. so i swear i would never ever do it. >> michelle: if you can get something really great like a
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but i'm not willing to stand in lines when i can sit on my couch and shop online. >> kelly: there you go. it is a beautiful day today. we're looking at gorgeous sunshine out there. a little bit of a breeze. we'll see that in this time-lapse video from the las vegas day school camera. the trees dancing just a little bit. not too bad. gusts up to 20 miles an hour a possibility. those temperatures? summerlin 73. paradise 75. sunrise, southeast botht about 20 miles per hour. where those winds are stronger though, that's along the colorado river valley. so lake mead to lake mojave we do have a wind advisory in place. that is for through today until 5:00 for winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. see all these rain showers here in arizona? they're moving north and west. look like they're heading in our direction right? they're going to fizzle out before they get here. we'll probably see some activity
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around mojave county. we're not expecting anything in southern nevada today or tomorrow. in fact, tons of sunshine. beautiful blue skies. warmer too. 79 degrees. that's our expected high with winds out of the north at five to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight. 60 degrees. mainly clear. still, again, a little bit of a breeze. the 7-day forecast? tomorrow's high, 80. mostly sunny skies. remember it's november. these temperatures are well above normal. if you like what you are like the rest of the 7-day forecast because we've got pretty much the same thing for the next seven days. makes my job easy right? 79 the expected high over the weekend. daylight saving time does come to an end so we get an extra hour's sleep too. >> krystal: we appreciate that. okay. we're going back to our breaking news story about this major power outage at the paris hotel and casino. you are seeing social media images right here forcing a property-wide evacuation. and michelle we're getting word
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>> michelle: they absolutely have. for more on that let's go straight out to antonio castelan who is live at the scene. we've just gotten word people were stuck in an elevator? >> reporter: michelle, the clark county fire rescue, they confirm that they rescued 11 people. those 11 people are said to be doing fine. we are right outside the paris las vegas hotel and casino right here is las vegas boulevard. if you are passing by you wouldn't realize that there is a major power outage that there are 2,000 rooms here at the paris hotel and casino that have been affected. many of the guests have been evacuating. thousands have been evacuating. they say it's been very calm and orderly. officials with caesar's entertainment tell us at 9:45 this morning there was a construction cable that was cut. let's walk around here. you can see that it's very normal. a lot of the guests that we've talked to, they said once the
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they said for 45 minutes they didn't know what to do and that hotel administrators didn't know what to say. after that 45 minutes were up, they were told to leave the hotel and they said that it was a little difficult because as you can imagine it was very dark inside. luckily we all have phones and that's what people use were those phones. we did talk to one woman who was stuck inside the elevator. she said she was stuck for about a minute. as you can imagine she was scared to say the least but people were able those who helped her out of the stairwell. obviously very nervous moments for that person. but all the people out here, they are doing fine. it is unknown when that power will be back to full capacity. we are told by caesar's entertainment officials that the temporary power could be back in about an hour. again, that main cable was cut at about 9:45 this morning. there was some sort of
12:22 pm
on. the sentiment here is that it's calm and they're glad that people left out of here orderly. we're still trying to get more information. again, there were 11 people rescued out of those elevators. and the clark county fire, they are not reporting any injuries or anything like that. we will be monitoring the situation out here. again, there's a major power outage still here at the paris las vegas hotel and casino. michelle and krystal, back to you in the studio. >> krystal: it is comforting to hear you have all the right know, requires it. and that people are out and they're okay. that is good news. >> michelle: now the big question is: when will the
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>> michelle: we're continuing to follow this breaking news happening now at the paris hotel and casino on the las vegas strip. you are looking at pictures of darkness because the power went out this morning around 9:45 when a construction crew we have learned accidently cut a main line to power there. the back-up generators didn't go
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needs power in order to work. so we've also just learned there were some rescues put into place. >> krystal: that's right. clark county fire department really moving into action very quickly rescuing 11 people from elevators, five total, that were stuck as a result of this power outage. antonio castelan on the scene reporting they are expected to be okay. that is good news. we'll continue to follow this story on the ground, on air and we'll continue to follow this story on the ground, on air and online and as you make up your mind, remember -- congressman heck voted 10 times to defund planned parenthood. heck took all that money from wall street and predatory payday lenders and voted their way. he even wanted to privatize social security, risking it on the stock market. congressman heck just doesn't care about people like us. dscc is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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>> michelle: right now on "news 3 live at 12:30," breaking news. the paris hotel and casino evacuated avlt aer power outage. people had to be rescued from elevators. we are live from the scene with the latest. >> krystal: marijuana in nevada. as we get ready to vote on whether to legalize recreational marijuana in our state, a new
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opens up in the valley. we're live. >> michelle: and if you love the '80s, we have a special treat. the front man of cameo is live in studio to fill us in on a las vegas show that's going to rock your shoes off. ? [music] ? >> announcer: news 3 starts right now. >> krystal: breaking news that we're following at this noon hour. >> michelle: a power outage at th evacuations property wide. these are images people have posted on social media from inside the casino. also people posting from their rooms and hallways. and we've learned at this point that there has been some evacuations and this was a construction accident. >> krystal: it certainly was. according to the executive vice president of caesar's, it appears someone must have cut a line providing most of the power to the hotel and then that's why


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